All academic programs at Touro University California are subject to systematic program review. The program review process is designed to evaluate and enhance the quality of academic programs through a focus on student learning outcomes, evidence-based decisions, and integration with institutional planning. This reflection on assessment results allows for programs to make evidence-based conclusions regarding their performance and evidence-based decisions in proposing major programmatic changes or in requesting resources. These evidence-based decisions and requests are then shared with the Provost and integrated with the planning and budgeting processes.

TUC Program Review Committee (PRC) leads the institutional systematic program review process.  These reviews may be coordinated with, but are independent of, the periodic reviews of educational programs conducted by professional accrediting agencies. In 2012, PRC approved the TUC Academic Program Review Guidelines. Learn more about current committee Membership and PRC Bylaws by viewing the documents.

For the current program review cycle, the following programs have gone through the systematic program review process. Program Self-Studies, External Reviewer Reports, PRC Findings & Recommendations and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) can be found in WEAVE.

2011-2012                                Joint MSPAS/MPH program in CEHS

2012-2013                                MSMHS program in COM

2013-2014                                Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine program in COM

2013-2014                                Public Health program in CEHS

2014-2015                                Doctor of Pharmacy program in COP

2015-2016                                Master of Science in Nursing in CEHS

2017-2018                                MS-MHS program in COP

2018-2019                                Graduate School of Education


In the academic year of 2019-2020, the PRC will review the Master of Science in Medical Health Sciences program in the College of Osteopathic Medicine.